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noName currently only ship within Norway through Bring Posten. For international shipping requests please email us at The customer is responsible for all shipping and freight charges, unless other information is stated. You can also choose to collect your order from our showroom in Oslo

Freight charges


Customers have two delivery options:
1. Bring/Posten at flat rate of 300 NOK for shipping and handling
2. Personal delivery by a noName employee at an agreed time, at flat rate of 100 NOK for delivery and handling


Rest of Norway

Flat rate of 300 NOK for shipping and handling through Bring/Posten


International shipping through our website is currently work in progress. However, we will be able to accommodate you via email at orders@nonamebymm.comnoName is not responsible for tax and duty costs on international orders. The customer placing the order bears full responsibility of making sure they are fully informed of these costs

Estimated delivery

Norway: 1-4 days

noName will arrange for the merchandise ordered to be delivered to the address indicated in your order. You will receive a shipping confirmation once order is shipped, with a corresponding tracking number.

However, please note that noName can not guarantee delivery by the guided date.

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